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We believe in delivering the best service to our customers, and one way we achieve this is by investing in our team’s education and growth. We hire highly skilled professionals and consistently provide them with training in the latest technologies. With our dedicated team, we are committed to helping you succeed and grow your business.

Meet some of our 20+ team member

Meet the Managing Director of ShotCoder Tech, who leverages 5 years of expertise in PHP, Apache, Linux, WordPress, WHMCS, Frontend, and MySQL to drive business growth through strategic tech solutions.

Meet our dynamic CEO at Shotcoder who is renowned for crafting innovative solutions and excelling as a Full Stack Developer. His profound passion for coding fuels an unwavering pursuit of new technologies.

Meet Ashmita Adhikari, our adept HR manager and devoted business student. Armed with ample expertise, she excels in managing and collaborating with individuals, leveraging their unique strengths to attain our shared goals.

Meet Saurav Adhikari, a Project Manager at ShotCoder Tech. He excels at helping teams work well together, improving work processes, and creating a positive atmosphere. He’s a key reason for ShotCoder Tech’s progress.

Meet Sabin Adhikari, a skilled Server Administrator with a strong history in IT services. His expertise spans C#, Digital Marketing, Server Configuration, Customer Support, and Writing.

Meet Ashim Baral, a dynamic 22-year-old Marketing Manager at ShotCoder Tech. He shapes standout strategies, loves traveling, playing guitar, and exploring tech fields like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and JavaScript.

Meet Paruhang Rai, a dedicated software engineer who turns ideas into reality. Specializing in web development, he’s skilled in ReactJS for user-friendly interfaces and uses Node.js and Express for strong backends.

Meet Sameer Adhikari, a digital enthusiast who shares his fascination with AI, passion for photography, and insatiable curiosity in a positive online space.

Punam Katuwal at Shotcoder Tech is an enthusiastic UI/UX engineer, blending good looks with usability. With strong design skills and user-focused thinking, Punam crafts friendly digital experiences and keeps learning through design communities and workshops.

Meet Prabesh Bhattarai, a talented PHP developer who turns ideas into dynamic web solutions. Proficient in PHP, he excels at writing efficient code for interactive websites that cater to diverse needs.

Meet Yogeshwor Prasad Kharel, a new Computer Science graduate, now a dedicated software developer in a startup. Skilled in PHP, HTML, Laravel, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, he creates accurate software and works seamlessly with the team for project success.

Meet Sanyogita Chand! A keen learner and devoted Flutter developer, she crafts appealing apps since late 2022. With a computer engineering background, Sanyogita excels using Flutter and Dart to create impressive solutions.

Meet Ritesh, A CS student proficient in Flutter and web development technologies. His journey is propelled by a strong belief in the potential of technology to address real-world challenges.

Meet Adarsh Ghimire, a Herald College BSc Hons IT graduate, driven by a passion for tech advancement. Proficient in Laravel, he excels in user-focused web solutions, skillfully merging aesthetics and functionality for seamless digital experiences.

Meet Prajwol Neupane, a coding enthusiast since 2020, exploring Java, Javascript, frameworks, web development, app creation, and embracing coding challenges with passion.

Meet Pratik Adhikari: a talented front-end developer who uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create websites that look great and work smoothly for users.

Savya is an emerging server developer skilled in managing servers and crafting top-notch websites using WordPress, Nginx, and Apache. He’s also proficient in Unity development, creating immersive 2D and 3D games and applications. 

Shyam is a highly motivated design professional with a passion for creating and a deep understanding of design tools. His expertise lies in user research, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing, making him a versatile designer. Shyam excels at seamlessly integrating his skill set into projects, showcasing creativity and dedication in every endeavor.

Sandesh is a dedicated UX designer focused on creating functional and user-friendly digital experiences. He’s passionate about optimizing technology interactions based on user needs and preferences. Sandesh’s expertise lies in blending design aesthetics with seamless functionality to ensure a satisfying user experience.

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