Software Engineer

Paruhang Rai

Meet Paruhang Rai, a dedicated software engineer adept at translating concepts into tangible realities. Guided by a deep fascination for the fusion of creativity and technology, his journey in the realm of software development has been charted.

His expertise radiates in web development, a domain where he has mastered ReactJS for crafting intuitive interfaces and harnessed Node.js and Express to forge robust backends that breathe life into these interfaces.

Venturing beyond coding, his passion finds a home in game development – the art of transforming ideas into immersive experiences that transport players to uncharted realms. Alongside this, he discovers solace in strumming his guitar, embracing nature through hikes, and embarking on culinary adventures to explore diverse cuisines.

Driven by an adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity, he’s always in pursuit of fresh learning opportunities and collaborative ventures. Together, let’s embark on a journey to explore the captivating blend of technology and creativity!

“As a Software Engineer, I harness the language of technology to craft solutions that illuminate the path toward progress and innovation”

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