Software Engineer

Prajwol Neupane

Meet Prajwol Neupane, a coding enthusiast whose journey began in 2020. Since then, he’s embarked on a dynamic trajectory of continuous learning and growth, with Java, Javascript, and an array of frameworks accompanying him on this path.

His creative expression finds a home in web development and app creation, serving as outlets where he channels his passion. You can catch a glimpse of his creative endeavors in the Project Section, where a collection of projects he’s brought to life awaits your exploration.

In addition to his work in crafting websites and apps, he discovers a unique fascination in the world of coding challenges. The pursuit of solving intricate questions and unraveling algorithmic puzzles fuels his curiosity and drive for intellectual exploration.

“Guided by the components of innovation and the framework of dedication, I breathe life into pixels, shaping captivating experiences that React with the heart of every user.”

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