Server Administrator

Sabin Adhikari

He is an accomplished Server Administrator, boasting a demonstrated history of excelling in the information technology and services sector. His skill set encompasses proficiency in a diverse array of areas, including C#, Digital Marketing, Server Configuration, Customer Support, and Writing.

His expertise is deeply rooted in a dedicated educational pursuit. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Herald College, this foundation forms the bedrock of his capabilities within the information technology landscape.

Moreover, his journey extends beyond the conventional. He discovers passion and fulfillment within the realm of solo game development. His adeptness with tools such as Photoshop, Blender, and Unity empowers him to craft immersive and captivating gaming experiences.

As visitors explore his portfolio, they will uncover a professional who values both precision and innovation. His journey and skills are illuminated with gratitude for your time.

“Balancing the art of server orchestration with the symphony of solo game development, I navigate the digital landscapes, ensuring seamless experiences both in code and play.”

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