Software Engineer

Sameer Adhikari

Meet Sameer Adhikari, known as Pawsom in the online world. He extends a warm welcome to his corner of the internet, where he’s thrilled to share various aspects of his life with you.

His intrigue lies in the realm of AI—artificial intelligence—fascinated by its profound impact on the world. He immerses himself in the latest developments, cool discoveries, and the future potential of this remarkable field.

Photography is his creative outlet, capturing both extraordinary and everyday moments, transforming them into something magical. Join him on a visual journey that explores the world, one snapshot at a time.

With a penchant for research, he’s a curious mind. He enjoys learning about technology, science, and everything that sparks his interest, sharing his discoveries within a virtual clubhouse of mind-boggling wonders.

While his blog delves into serious matters, it also provides a glimpse into his persona. He aims to infuse positivity, laughter, and a reminder to keep learning and dreaming.

Whether you’re drawn to tech, photography, in-depth research, or simply seeking good vibes, his offerings are a treat. So, grab your virtual coffee (or tea!) and join him for a hangout.

“As a software engineer and AI Enthusiast, I merge logic and learning to build a future where machines understand, adapt, and empower humanity’s boldest ideas.”

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