Software Engineer

Sanyogita Chand

Meet Sanyogita Chand! She’s a keen learner, a passionate Flutter developer, and really into computer engineering. She started exploring the tech world in November 2022, diving into making cool apps. Creating apps that work well and look great is what makes her happy. She started from scratch and now she’s really good, always learning new things as she goes.

With her background in computer engineering, Sanyogita can turn ideas into awesome solutions using her skills in Flutter and Dart programming.

In a world where technology is always changing, Sanyogita is all about changing with it. Every day, she sees as a chance to learn more, come up with new ideas, and make the digital world better.

Sanyogita’s journey is a story of not giving up, staying curious, and making the most of what technology can do.

Guided by Flutter’s wings of innovation, I sculpt lines of code into functional artistry, where pixels transform into immersive experiences, and every tap opens a door to endless possibilities.

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