Software Engineer

Yogeshwor Prasad Kharel

Meet Yogeshwor Prasad Kharel, a recent graduate with a BSc in Computer Science who is currently making valuable contributions as a dedicated software developer within a dynamic startup. With a robust educational background, Yogeshwor is actively involved in devising efficient solutions that propel our technological ventures forward.

Yogeshwor is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and tools, including PHP, HTML, Laravel, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. These technical skills empower him to create and fine-tune software apps with accuracy and fresh ideas. He works seamlessly with our team to make sure our projects run smoothly and look great too.

With a fusion of technology and a penchant for pop culture, Yogeshwor brings a unique blend to the table. Whether deciphering code or passionately debating movie highlights, he thrives on embracing life’s diverse facets and relishing each instant. Let’s connect and share remarkable tales!

From algorithms to melodies, I orchestrate a symphony of innovation, where every keystroke echoes the rhythm of progress.

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