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We believe technology should help organizations be the best at what they do. That’s why ShotCoder is known as the top strategic managed service and security partner for IT leaders across the Nepal, dedicated to customer success.

Why our credentials are important

At ShotCoder, we assure our clients of top-notch service and expertise. Our elite certifications and industry partnerships are the key reasons why we confidently make this promise.

We have set up our operations to meet the highest data handling standards, staying ahead of industry regulations. With our expanding national presence, we build strong relationships with the companies that provide our tools and networks. This expertise benefits you daily through well-trained service personnel and cutting-edge products and packages.

Microsoft For Startups

We are grateful for our partnership with Microsoft for Startups, which has significantly boosted our business. Their technology resources, network of partners and customers have helped us grow, make smarter decisions, and reach more people.

We value their support in turning our ideas into reality and look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration.


Vultr has been a vital partner, revolutionizing our business. With their fast SSD-powered cloud servers and global data centers, we’ve achieved seamless scalability and top performance. Their cost-effective solutions have optimized our resources, leading to remarkable growth.


CPanel’s certification has boosted our web hosting business significantly. It builds trust with customers, providing a user-friendly control panel and advanced tools for better service. The recognition also opens doors to valuable partnerships, driving further growth. We’re grateful for CPanel’s positive impact on our success.


Partnering with Khalti, a digital wallet platform, has transformed our payment processing. We now offer mobile banking, internet banking, debit card, and wallet payments, making transactions easier for our customers. Khalti’s robust system ensures secure and efficient payments, greatly benefiting our business and enhancing the overall customer experience. We are grateful for this valuable partnership.

Strategic Partnerships

How we work with our partners

At ShotCoder, we value our partners and expect mutual respect. We know that a strong relationship requires finding the right balance between giving and receiving.

We take pride in achieving that perfect balance, allowing our partnerships to grow to their fullest potential.

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